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Where it all started for REFIT® Sundre!  We started teaching in 2015, and the format has not changed since.  A dance cardio fitness format that incorporates toning, balance and coordination through movement, all while benefiting the cardiovascular system.  A great workout for every BODY, whether just starting out, or well on your fitness journey.

We believe that outward transformation is powered first by inward transformation; That building relationships will help us achieve results.  This is a hugely welcoming community and a super fun way to get moving!

Class often feels like a party.  A rocking playlist of popular, energizing music in a motivating atmosphere.


Variations of movements and intensities are shown, enabling every participant to adjust the workout to ensure a safe and fun class.

The body you have is the body we want -- and that’s the body at work! No matter your size, shape, age or experience, REFIT® is the perfect fit for everybody and every BODY. We believe you’re worth the workout, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Do you belong to a group or team looking for a lively way to boost morale, get active and build connections?  Hire REFIT® Sundre to customize a class specific to your needs!   Contact Us!

We love holding Experience Classes.  Typically it's a 90 minute party (and by party, we really mean workout), where we ease you into a thrilling, all encompassing mind, body and soul fitness experience, and finish the event off with cool down, stretching and some motivational words to take home with you.  Every participant will be given every opportunity to have a great and memorable experience.

  • Olds Fire Dept.
  • Olds Gymnastics Club
  • Pioneer Ranch Women's Retreat

BRAND NEW!  The first of its kind here in Sundre.  Turning traditional fitness goals into healthy living goals, because of its application to every day living.


A Preventative, Practical and Purposeful workout.

At it's core, REV + Flow can help prevent deterioration of mobility, strength, function and thus injury, by specifically targeting muscle groups and using movement patterns which we depend on in our daily activities (bending, lifting, pushing, etc.).  REV + Flow is a low-impact / high-intensity group fitness program that will increase your overall Balance, Mobility, Flexibility, Power, Strength & Coordination.  We do this to music, with plenty of coaching, the use of weights (*optional) and floor work.


Low impact training utilizes intentional, controlled movement and reduces stress on joints and risk of injury.  It builds strength and endurance specific to the individual.


Functional training focuses on movement, not muscles. When we strengthen ourselves this way, our performance in daily activities are enhanced and become easier to perform.


Is also known as weight or resistance training.  Your muscular fitness will improve using free-weights or your own body weight.




Tuesday 6 PM

Thursday 9:30AM

Sundre Rodeo Grounds

SUNDRE, AB     /     click for map

Sundre Rodeo Grounds

SUNDRE, AB     /     click for map


$10 - drop in​

$85 - 10 punch pass

Classes are currently OUTDOORS.

Please check our Facebook Page for any changes of venue or cancellations due to weather.

  • bring water bottles, appropriate footwear, sunscreen, hat, and insect repellent as necessary.

  • Anyone who is symptomatic ie. headache, cough or fever is asked not to attend and wait a full two weeks after symptoms have passed to attend. 

  • No children permitted unless fully participating & adhering to class guidelines.

  • Individuals should maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres from others, before, during and after class (IE:  returning to vehicles or homes).

  • No hugging or high fives. 

  • The Church and Rodeo facilities are off limits, there is no access to public washrooms. 

  • Participants must bring their own mats and weights* (*REV+Flow).

  • Please have exact payment or send an E-Transfer in advance. Those with punch cards will be asked to sign their own punch card upon arrival (we suggest having your own pen). Please keep 2 meters distance while checking in as well. 

Thank you so much for doing your part to make our classes a wonderful and safe workout experience for all! 

So, have we convinced you yet that you simply MUST come to REFIT® or REV + Flow yet?  Maybe you don't live in our area, and that's ok...  There are thousands of instructors waiting to meet you, located all over the world.
Click here to find a class near you!


Our Instructors are leaders, encouragers and supporters of a growing fitness COMMUNITY.

They are ready to welcome YOU into their classes.  They can't wait to show you how FUN it can be to workout, while INSPIRING you to take home a better attitude, making you a BETTER you.





I was so excited when I found REFIT®.  I just love the music and choreography.  I also love that ANYONE who is willing to take a chance and be a little brave can come and get a workout at a level that is comfortable for them.  These routines can be simplified and intensified.  Everyone is guaranteed an awesome workout.  Another cool thing is that because of REFIT's ® core value infused music, movements and clothing choices, I can bring my daughter and mother to class and not worry about what they will see and hear.

But more important than the workout - I love the community and bringing women into relationships and REFIT® has provided the perfect vehicle!  If you are remotely interested in making friends, getting a good workout or just getting out of the house, please come and give it a try.  No one will judge you or critique your dancing skills.  We are not aiming for perfection.  We are aiming for participation.  Please come.  We want to meet YOU, welcome you into our community and have fun doing it.

I have always been a fan of good music and having fun with my friends.  When I discovered REFIT®, I realized I could still enjoy these things while working out.

What continues to blow me away by this fitness community, is the support network that envelopes every new member as soon as they walk in through the doors.  Walking through the doors for the first time is truly the hardest part in coming to a REFIT® class. Once here though, you are in a judgement free zone.  You are in competition with no one.  We show you how to 'get your glitter on' through easy to follow movement and we give you high fives all the way.

Whether you are looking for a workout, socialization, to have a sense of belonging or to grow beyond the physical, REFIT® will provide you with that opportunity!  Now...  Let's Party!


success stories

" I was so scared to try something new.  Walking into class, I was welcomed and felt as comfortable as can be.  The classes are not only fun, I feel like I've
accomplished something great when I leave.  I highly recommend this class!"


"I love that it doesn't really feel like a work out; it's a way to let loose and be yourself and exercise
all at the same time. I see a judgement free atmosphere in a room full of women trying to
better themselves and build each other up in the process! Thanks REFIT®!"



"I went for the first time this morning.. and I loved it... Thanks to my friend for inviting me to go, I would encourage any senior ladies such as I am, if you like music, and exercise try it out.. Work at your own pace and have fun!"
refit® Sundre



PHONE:  403-636-1419

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